Pillow plates are economic and energy-efficient solution increasingly used in many different sectors of the economy.

Product engineering is considered as innovative but from year to year it gains more and more sympathisers. Using modern constructional solutions we can gain better heat exchange parameters, with the same parameters of thermal factor at the same time.

What is Pillow Plate?

Those are two sheets of inox metal, which are spot welded in a laser chamber. It can either heat or cool the liquid inside the tank.

How is it made?

Gradual filling out hydraulically (with water as a medium) makes the „pillow” construction. The cover has relatively small deadweight load and beneficial thermohydraulic features.


This technology is highly secure. Pillow plates are design in such a way to be used at high operating pressures. Thickness and weld patterns are chosen to comply with the requirements concerning flow and pressure.

  • Stainless steel plates

    Two sheets of stainless steel can be up to 13 meters long, which, combined with the possibility of adjusting them to any shape, allows for the implementation of the most non-standard forms of the final product.

  • Laser welding

    Laser welding joins the sheets of steel along the edge lines and pointwise along their entire length. This creates a pressure limit inside the product and marks the places where the so-called pillows.

  • Hydraulic filling out

    Gradual filling out hydraulically (with water as a medium) makes the pillow construction. The cover has relatively small deadweight load and beneficial thermohydraulic features.

  • Final product

    The technology of making Pillow Plates is highly safe. The jackets are designed to withstand the required pressures. // work at high operating pressures. The thickness and pattern of the connecting weld are defined / selected to meet all flow and pressure requirements.

Type of Pillow plates

Pillow plates are produced to order, according to our client’s needs. They are attuned regarding: the particular substance which will be heated/cooled down, used medium, shape, dimension and few other parameters.

Metal sheets are available in many different sizes which enables us to fit the width and lenght of the product for the particular order without the problem.


Single-embossed – the metal sheets are embossed only on the one side.

Double-embossed – filling out of two metal sheets of the same thickness (both sides).



Advantages of Pillow Plates made in our factory:

  • flexibility of the offer – the possibility of obtaining any jacket shapes
  • above-average length of coats – max. 13m x 2m in one sheet
  • the possibility of spin-forming the bottom or rolling up the coat
  • freedom in the choice of shorts
  • optimization - metal sheets are developed on their own cutting line, which gives a short deadline (the possibility of production in less than 48 hours on special order)
  • aesthetics - the possibility of edge welding of sheets, which ensures complete tightness and hygiene (no gaps into which impurities will enter)
  • savings - minimization of production costs by reducing energy consumption to a level below 0.23 kWh per meter of weld
  • efficiency - optimization of thermal processes - heat transfer coefficient even above 4500 [W/m2K]
  • strength - resistance of jackets to work with high pressure - bursting pressure up to 350 bar
  • service – easy maintenance of the tank and jacketing
  • reliability – thanks to a repeatable production process, the warranty period is extended to 60 months*
  • The 60-month warranty applies to jackets unzipped by the Manufacturer. In other cases, the warranty is 12 months

In which type of industry it can be used?


Where can we apply it?

  • tanks,
  • formed sheet metal covers,
  • tank bottom plates,
  • heat exchangers,
  • heaters,
  • cooling stations,
  • and many other devices.

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